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The first record of this term was found in Latin and it signified ?to be free?, ?to be permitted?. This word appeared in Victorian Britain when people have got their 8-hour working day and had two days off per week. Also such terms as compensatory holiday and avocation appeared at that time. An average human being has two kinds of leisure: active and passive. Active leisure means that persons have active pastime during their free time. It may be football, baseball and other competitive games.

It may be any activity that wears out a people's brain or body such as painting a picture or playing chess. Passive free time is the period of time when people don't exercise any body or brain energy such as visiting cinema, museum, spieling and so on. Many persons claim that this kind of leisure is irrational i.e. all advantages of leisure time are lost. And still, this type of free time is more privileged than active one among different groups of society. Escort services Ukraine offer you to have your free time in the company of amazing ladies. As you may understand sex is an activity the purpose of which is to have a combination of physical and mental reactions. So you have active free time and in the same time a wonderful recreation that is really useful for your health. On our webpage you can find a lot of various services including erotic massage. You can get this service from this woman escort Ukraine. It is a great physical influence on your body that will present you a health and satisfaction. An erotic massage is our service that we perform to our clients and consumers. You need the escort girl Porto who will make you a competent erotic massage. The main component in this type of massage excluding you is a girl's body that would give you a wonderful pleasure. You would feel her hips, buttocks and tits. It is really exciting especially when you have it for the first time. Persons always want some new experience in their activities and erotic massage is the best possibility to get it. Many different people attitude to the term ?prostitute? with heed. Nowadays it is not as horrible as it was several years ago but some people still have a bad attitude to the prostitutes. Different societies interpret prostitution the same as they find sexual activities for the definite period of time. From the one hand sex presents you a satisfaction. It makes sex an average service as you may get for example in store or somewhere else. But from the other point of view this type of sex is not connected with making children.


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