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There are varying types of escort agencies are available. Agencies may be male-for-male, female-for-male, female-for-female and male-for-female agencies escort agencies. Female escorts can find a female-to-male escor tagency or other depending on their preference. Such an agency is generally better for a female escort.

Escort agencies book the escorts and transport them to the clients place. Female escorts may have to go to a customer's house, hotel room, or requested location. Generally such association of escorts and their clients last for a few hours. Escort agencies charge a fee for their services to escorts. The fee varies a lot among agencies. Some of them also charge a joining fee. There are some agencies that only cater to female escorts.

 Female escorts may like such exclusive agencies more than a general escort agency that serves both male and female escorts. Escort agencies hire escorts for their business. Generally they have an office. In many a cases escort agencis work virtually with out any brick and morter office. The escorts can contact them over the Internet or telephone or can personally meet them. The escort agency needs portfolios of the female escorts who joins their agency. Escort agencies maintain a list of all the escorts they have. They categorize and divide escorts depending on age, appearance and interest. Such differentiation helps in satisfying varying needs of the clients. They provide the list to the clients to chose the type of escort he/she needs. Clients choose from the list andthen the agency arranges the escorts meeting with the clients.

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